Pauls Krafts

Where traditional skills meet modern technology

All of our crafts are made aboard our .Narrow Boat

Me at work

We make Rope fenders and other Rope work for Narrow Boats

My other craft 

All the carvings and Engravings, that I do are to my own design

We concentrate on Quality not Quantity

Paul Howland

Hi, my name is Paul, I live and work on a Narrow boat with both Jennie and Patch (our Dog) we travel around the canal system of England and Wales.
I started off making fenders for narrowboats, but as I as I am getting older, it is beginning to get harder to tie some of the fenders.
So with this in mind I decided to go back to a previous life and work with wood once again. I have purchased a small CNC router and have started to engrave and carve bread and cheese boards. As time goes on I will be adding to my repertoire of items.
I attend floating Markets around the canal network. A list of these can be found on the RCTA web site:

Here you can see up to 20 Roving traders all selling to the Public, and all willing to have a chat.